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Featured Hampers

New Year's

In 'Timeless Tale,' heritage and craftsmanship weave together, echoing a narrative of tradition and sustainable charm. The ikat cloth pays homage to Telangana's rich heritage, while the Bamboo Box,  crafted by skilled Tripura artisans, transforms packaging into a beautiful testament to craftsmanship. The 2024 calendar is more than a timekeeper, while the coconut shell candle holder brings warmth and regality. Decadent chocolate and the exquisite silver snowflake brooch add an elegant touch to this carefully curated collection. Each element unfolds as a chapter, creating a meaningful experience.



"A Bouquet of Bonds" unfolds a love story through unique experiences. Lit peony candles symbolize fleeting beauty, while aromatic floral essence and everlasting jute flowers transport us to enduring gardens. Savoring Kashmiri saffron-infused chocolate creates sweet moments, and personalized mugs inspire shared memories, promising a love that lasts longer than any bouquet. This hamper is a tale of thoughtful gestures, painting a canvas of lasting connection and cherished moments.

Helping Spot Organisation

 "Parva made our 9th anniversary truly special with custom ikkat diaries and personalized cards. Their commitment to sustainability and unique designs added a meaningful touch to our celebration. Thank you, Parva, for aligning with our values and making a positive impact."

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